b.b. wolfe

This is music from the heart written from a lifetime of experiences with musicians who bring it home.

"b.b. wolfe's debut album "A.K.A." is a road trip through a landscape of fear, sadness, hope, and triumph. It makes you want to hop a freight train and explore the possiblilites of the world. This is traveling music. Not your typical country album, b.b.'s vocals are a mix between Arlo Guthrie and Bob Dylan. The lyrics are poetic and poignant. They strike a chord with the listener's soul- from the part that feels despair, to the part that still has hope. From the song "Broken Ladder" to "And All" the listener is treated to an album that feels both comfortable and familiar. Like a great work of art, the guitar paints the broad strokes, while the dobro, steel guitar, and harmonica add the details that make this album rich and layered. Reminiscent of country music before it went pop, this is music to live by." Carrie Smith - South Bend Tribune

"I caught Broken Ladder when I got home and called Al while it was on to request Suitcase Kid. And once again it broke me down into tears. You've got the gift. No other local singer songwriter can do what you do."

quoting John Kennedy of Kennedy's Kitchen

B.B. Wolfe- Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica., Bruce Bartlett- Bass., Dan Gellert- Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals., Jim Shenk- Pedal Steel, Dobro., John Kennedy, Mike Elliott, Jay Miller, Dan Gellert- Background Vocals.

"Security by BB Wolfe was awesome...I could really relate to it..I didn't know whether it made me happy or sad, because it was so true!."

quoting a WVPE 88.1 listener

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