Tightrope Walkers

B. B. Wolfe

"From the cover, to the story on the disc, to the melodies and musicianship that weave and wrap around the signifying chain of lyric, TIGHTROPE WALKERS will take you through the "imaginary" into the "symbolic" and will leave you sensing the "REAL."

"The picture here is the first batch of "Tightrope Walkers", B.b. Wolfe's third album, due for release Sept. 30th. Like many of my friends in the music world, i was a fan of his music before we became friends. B.B.'s lyrics are intense and personal, yet have the ability to strike the human chord within us all, which often reaches into the darker recesses of our psyche, and taps into the pain & frustrations we all encounter and endure in life. Through that, we are released, because we discover our humanity, compassion, and empathy. We are not alone in the lonlieness of despair or events that seem utterly tragic in our personal struggles. Without reservation, i would equate his lyrical gift to that of Dylan, Cohen, Waits. In short...it is powerful stuff. His previous efforts; "AKA" and (award winning) "Heart Worn Sleeve" were each mesmerizing and stunning efforts, of which any songwriter would be fortunate to have created just one album that fucking great in their catalog. Yet somehow, B.B. Wolfe continually bests himself at his own game, each CD successively topping the previous, and once again he has brought his bar higher yet. i was privileged enough to hear four or five tracks while the project was in development, and i believe this one is a monster of artistic achievment. You can catch BB LIVE at Quincy's this Friday September 29th...and i have it on good authority the new CD will be available. http://www.bbwolfemusic.com/." -monTe michel bleu

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