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enjoyed your music at the union coffee house today.
We're looking forward to visiting with you at the Purple Porch
Dear Mr. Wolfe, My husband and I caught your show at the Ruthmere Museum on Saturday. Both of us were deeply touched and moved by many of your songs, songs so very rich in meaning and symbolism. Thank-you for a wonderful performance.
I would LOVE to hear you play. Please let me know of any upcoming dates.
Caught your session at the Book Nook in Montague last Friday. Your music and the chat between songs made for an enjoyable evening. Thanks
Thank you for a wonderful night of music. Your voice gets me every time! The longing and ache of the heart it conveys is haunting in a good way, not to mention your amazing songwriting. Sorry I had to cut out on your last song without saying goodbye. I had to get home to my family. I can't wait to listen to the new album. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. We are all far richer. God bless you!
Friend of Bruce Bartlett, Jim Shenk and the Goldmine Pickers. See you in South Bend! "Sick in the Head"--beautiful song!
Like many of my friends in the music world, i was a fan of B.B.'s music before we became good friends. B.B.'s lyrics are intense and personal, yet have the ability to strike the human chord within us all, which often reaches into the darker recesses of our psyche, and taps into the pain & frustrations we all encounter and endure in life. Through that, we are released, because we discover our humanity, compassion, and empathy. We are not alone in the lonlieness of despair or events that seem utterly tragic in our personal struggles. Without reservation, i would equate his lyrical gift to that of Dylan, Cohen, Waits. In's is powerful stuff. His previous efforts; "AKA" and (award winning) "Heart Worn Sleeve" were each mesmerizing and stunning efforts, of which any songwriter would be fortunate to create just one album as fucking great as either in their own catalog. Yet somehow, B.B. Wolfe continually bests himself at his own game, each CD successively topping the previous, and once again he has brought his bar higher yet. i was privileged enough to hear four or five tracks while the project was in development, and i believe "Tightrope Walkers" is a monster of artistic achievment.
Your recent performance of "Without You" at the Electric Brew brought a flood of tears to my eyes.
Impressionado, encantado e maravilhado com a voz e músicas de B.b. Wolfe! Que descoberta maravilhosa fiz hoje! Impressed, charmed and thrilled with the voice and music of B.b. Wolfe! That wonderful discovery I made today!
Its a honor to listen to a true dediciated and astonishing musician! Your expertise comes out in every note! Your music is great!
BB, Your performance at the Union Coffee House last night was compelling, heart felt and the best I have seen you do. Like Anonymous wrote below, you appear very sad, very, very sad. We are worried about you.
bb, As usual, I really enjoyed your recent show at the Electric Brew, especially some of the new songs. There seems to be a shroud of sadness over you. I hope you are doing well.
BB, It was so good to see you back in Sturgis again. Your songs seemed to have another layer of sadness to them. Haunting sadness from the depths.
As usual BB, I was stopped several times at the Blues Fest to hear about your incredible performance. Many commented on how "rich" your songs are. Thanks again.
I saw you at The Electric Brew. I didn't even get to hear an actual song and I thought you were amazing. By the way, would you mind giving me the chords the that warm up thing that you were playing if you remember them? My friend and I would love to play it.
sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. We're honored to have you back. You have super talent. I heard such great stuff about your last performance. I'd like to book you for a couple of dates in 2011. Can you give me 2 dates that work for you? Thanks. Brian
Wanted to drop a line to thank-you for bringing some humanity to the Jackson Coffee Co. Bill and I have been coming to these shows on a regular basis for years. You without a doubt brought a level of material that far exceeds anything that we have ever heard. Ilene
Thank you for a stunning performance at the Electric Brew in Goshen last weekend. I stopped by to meet someone and unfortunately was only able to stay for a couple of songs. I bought the CD and have been listening to it since! Your album is truly a work of art. I was also please to see that the Goldmine Pickers accompanied you for the album. Congratulations on a great performance at the Brew, and thank you for your wonderful music and talent!
Stopped by the Electric Brew last friday for a cup to take on the road and decided to sit and listen to a few songs. You had just come in from your break and started in on "Winthrop's Lament." I was flabergasted. I sat through your second number before grabbing a a copy of Heart Worn Sleeve and left for my original destination. I love the cd. Keep the change.
Wanted to see if you had a website, so I did a search. I thought your show at the Electric Brew on friday night was excellent and moving. Hope to see you again soon
Wonderful show at the Brew last night
GREAT SHOW at the Electric Brew tonight. Your voice is amazing. Really enjoying my copy of Heart Worn Sleeve. Come back soon
Hi B.B I am a big fan of your albums especially your new album "Heart Worn Sleeve", the other day I thought I came across "Homespun Memories" on the guitar but I'm not sure if it is accurate. Below is what I came across. ------6---------6--4---------4--0--------0----------------------------- ---------4-------------6------------4----------------------------------- -------------0------------0------------0-------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------6------------6-------------6-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Martyn
BB, I believe that you are an artist with talent, with heart, and with a soul that is yearning to be completed. Your songs speak for so many of us. Play for us, BB, let us warm ourselves with your melodies and revisit ourselves in your lyrics. The tavern at the Beachland Ballroom would be a great gig for has your name all over it!
I’ve helped with a new site of stories inspired by the lyrics of Bob Dylan, written by TJ Hawk: The best one so far will be added on Nov. 29, “Quinn the Eskimo.” It is an uplifting Christmas tale. Let me know if you want to use in some way. Tom
Hi bb! thanks for the magnificent sound and the magnificent songs! it goes up to the heart!
Doing two consecutive nights of split bills with you last week was a privilege and a depressive's delight. Formated as a song share, it may have provided me with the best damned seat in the house, sitting next to you...but also put me in an unenviable hot seat, having to follow your incredible songs (or L.P's as well, on Friday). You're a tough act to follow, bro d'prro, but what a treat it was. Can't wait for the new CD, my friend. Yer GD's pard ~ monTe miChel bLeu
Enjoying the long thoughts and the curves in the road that you sift into your music BB - story songs - you can't beat a story song. All best from north of the 49th
BB, Enjoyed your show at the Sturgis Bluesfest. Hope you come back soon!
HEY BB!!! GREAT FIRST SHOW AT THE BLUESFEST!! Packed house!! Will definitely be coming to more.
bb, Looking forward to hearing you in Sturgis. Love your sound. I listen to WVPE on Sunday's and really enjoy your new cd. Any chance you'll bring the Goldmine Pickers along.
Merry Christmas bb...
bb, Really enjoying the copy of Heart Worn Sleeve that I purchased at the Beanery friday night. You get better and better.
BB, Have been thinking about your show at The Beanery. I can't recall the names of the songs, but several keep running through my head. You touched me! Kathleen
Hi BB, You should let your audience know you have a website. I spoke with you shortly after your show at the Livery about your microphone system. Just wanted to let you know that I've seen some outstanding performers at the Livery. Though many of them may be very talented, none of them touched me with the "honest" quality that your work did that night. I wish you continued success and growth with your technique and music!
your beanery show tonight...your tunes envelope me like an old soft familiar & favourite blanket. i wept on "the bridge". thanks for sharing your troubles, it was a gift to me, going your way. ~monTe
Perfect work!Keep posting
When you are on, you are awesome!!
Thanks for coming and playing at the Kaleidoscope. Great show! Hope you come back soon...
Thanks so much for the great show you did at the Kaleidoscope Coffeehouse. Love the new CD too, B. B., thanks for your incredible, heartfelt art.
Hi BB, I have been listening to your CD quite a bit. I think my faves are in this order:1. Heart...,2. Winthrop...3. The Bridge. Great songs!
Congrats on winning the Gold for 'Heart Worn Sleeve' did good my friend...K
it's true! Heart Worn Sleeve is a "gem."
I enjoyed your Goshen concert greatly. I look forward to listening to your new CD.
Congratulations on your second album! I met b.b. wolfe at the Bob Dylan show in Grand Rapids, MI in summer 2006...enjoyed talking with him and look forward to getting a copy of the new disc! Good luck!
Not sure I can make the release party as a garden walk beckons, but I will be there in spirit! Congrats and have some fun!
I've officially declared Heart Worn Sleeve as the definitive singer-songwriter album of 2008. Seriously man, you have something special going. So bummed about missing the release show. Good luck with it and have fun!
Have been listening to Heart Worn Sleeve all evening.....fabulous cd..!!
great sound
Hi b.b. ~ Listening to Homespun Memories this afternoon.... really really nice... :-) Congrats on the new cd.
Hi B.B. It was great seeing you last night. I can't believe our paths never crossed before. (only on myspace) You really grabbed me. I love your voice. You truly paint pictures with words. You made my night. Thank-you
Ur awesome goldsmith! im glad u have two different kinds of art! lol
best artist/art teacher I've ever known
Enjoy your music. Congrats on the new release!
i still love your tunes mr!
Great songs and feel. All the best tony
Hey, man checkin out your to jam sometime.....
I loved your show at the Electric Brew. While I know you acknowledged the influence of Dylan, I also heard John Prine in your vocals and material.
Yo! I love your site Cya
B.B. Have seen your shows often throughout the Michiana area and am really excited about your upcoming CD, not to mention The Goldmine Pickers backing you. I've heard Winthrops Lament in various forms. It's going to be the song on this CD that takes you to another level. The best to you!
great song and acoustic sound B,B,Wolf, love it. A fan of your music
OH MY GOD BB! "Homespun Memories" is wonderful...stunning song!!
Great show at the Beanery.
Hi bb. Saw you last night at the Midway Tavern. Was hoping you would get up and do a song with The Goldmine Pickers. I listen to your music on 88.1 and your website. Keep playing on.
Homespun is my favorite of all.
love the sounds there B.B. Wolf, just love your songs man and your prentation , top stuuf, you have a new fan.
Another great tune BB. Keep your head up bro
BB, Saw you at the beanery friday night. My wife and I both thought that your songs were moving, thought provoking and at times absolutely brilliant. Hope to see you again soon.
Hey Mr. Wolfe, you take me back to my roots. Love that Travis picking.
great acoustic music! all the best!
what time do i need to get to your place on december 28 for our show?
Hey B.B. Wolfe, great stuff 'round here. Song for Dan makes me feel a lot more comfortabel with world. Hope we'll meet some day somewhere down the road to share tunes & stories. Good luck & travel safe ...
I listened to your songs this morning, they were my sunday morning coming down. Please, keep writing and playing.
Your music sounds great! Kindest regards, Kathleen
Song for Dan sounds like another great one BB. I am selfishly looking forward to your next disc!
i love your sound... and your guitar playing... great stuff!
whoa MAN!!
wow dude...really enjoyed "In ThreeQuarter Time" blew the house away...
BB- your songs are lovely intimate noise weavings. I'd love to share a bill with you. The theme could be musicians with alliterative names.
Hi, we were at the show at the Beanery. It was the best stuff we've heard in a long time in the South Bend area. Hope to see you again.
Nice music, thanks for sharing : )
DO give me a jingle next time you're in paradise. I play a number of different instruments but unlike country fans who like both country AND western, I only like one kind of music;... GOOD KIND. Your's is that kind, and as much as I like listening, it is so much more satisfying while I'm playing it.
Ahhhh... BB Wolfe Elusive, mysterious But now I've seen your face AND I have photos I'll not share them with anyone Until you make your first million... Thanks for the great shows Hope we can do it again next summer xo
Great performances at Jackson and Chelsea! Maybe you and MJ can record a duet sometime. Your voices work very well together!
Dear B.B. It is with gasps of awe and sparkle-soaked joy that our new e-friendship begins! What lovely tunes! Let's sew ourselves into constellations and stay that way forever!
Hey B. B. - Greetings from Baja Michigan! Thanks for for the great tracks: tight songwriting, top-notch playing, and a voice like woodsmoke. This is the stuff I love! Hope maybe to run into you around the region some time. All the best,
I dig the music and the instrumentation! It falls right into the pocket of my musical tastes; alt country, folk, bluegrass, blues etc... Look us up if you're ever in the 'hood. Once again, nice job!
Hi,B.B. Good songs, particularly Suitcase Kid. I'll be coming back. Wish you all the best.
great music. i really enjoyed listening.
BB- I LOVE your songs...they make me feel so peaceful and relaxed. Your sound is terrific, I am very happy to meet you and learn of your music. I will be dropping by your page!!! Hugs
Your compositionos are very magic...
Well, I know this much,...B.B.WOLFE knows How to make Great Music....
Hey, MJ Bishop said I should check you out so I did and your myspace tunes are great. Is your real last name Goldsmith? Small world... Alan Goldsmith Ann Arbor P.S. Just orderd your cd from cdbaby.
I just got to work, feeling a little down cause the cute boy I met the other night hasn't called me, and then I opened you up and listening to your songs made me feel much better. Thank you.
your it!!!!
gorgeous music!...feels like i'm floating
What a great, haunting lyric... "gonna take this box of nails and build a brand new dream!" love it.
Wow!! Song To Kimber was like norm said, "absolutely fantastic," keep up the great work B.B., your fans are growing!
Martin's Rule!!! Great tunes BB, will drop by again to listen to more. Regards, Prairie
sensational music ! Really loved it...better get the album !
Very great music Mr. B.B. Wolfe! I enjoyed it. Please drop by anytime..I would love to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed mine. With much love, KElsey
MUAH...just for u, u deserve it. keep on my friend.
Hi, I just send a few words to tell that your music is great! I play Box of Nails on my page... Have a beautiful day
Hey there, lovin the music. Thanks for putting out that old time goodness, its just what the world needs.
"These songs are just wonderful!"
I like it alot.. I love the blues!
Loved your tracks "awesome" Cheers
Nice Sound B B I really enjoyed your site and sound. Keep it up bud.
B, your stirring words set to exquisite note,shares something very special...the art is lovely, full of light and life.
While not usually a fan of country music, being more one for the British folk world, I must say that I think your music is wonderful. Much respect to you!
Hey dude, You know, after the stage fright, you never look back! kudo's J
Great music b.b. I just love it.I'm also a big fan of Dylan and Prine.Now i'm also a fan of b.b.Wolfe.
hey b. b. wolfe, lovely stuff you have. hope all goes well.
It's all a matter of taste, but for me B.B. Wolfe is the best "unknown" singer-songwriter I've come across. Your songs breath and bleed. Suitcase Kid tears me apart and heals me somehow, like only music can. Thanks for making the music B.B.
Really like your sound and of nails is a lovely song...Take care
We like your songs, they have deep tones and texture.
You´re awesome and I´m happy that found you..Best wishes
Thank you for your beautiful music.
so bluetiful!
your music is fucking brilliant! any chance of you coming over to ireland? cheers for the great music.
good stuff - keep it up -
you sound great...alittle Dylan influence i hear there! you gotta love Dylan!! best of everything to you in 2007! stay in touch. *big hug*
BB Wolfe, Your music sounds great! Best of luck in 2007! Peace
oh gosh, BIG fan (well little in size, but big in intent). e xx (melbourne)
After hearing a couple clips on public radio, my boyfriend was very intent on finding this recording. Luckily he doesn't have internet. I gave it to him for Christmas and he put it right in the player. He loves it. B.B.'s voice reminds him of early John Prine. Thanks for making me look good.
With your profound gift for the macabre, you inspire our souls with rootsy simplicity. The ingredients of your creations are keys to your success! May they continue to shine.
hey b.b love your music, hope life is treatin you well.
What beautiful tunes. And it's great to meet a fellow blues affictionado! Hope our paths cross in person one day.
Beautiful songs, B.B. A wonderful job by Jim Shenk, too. Many thanks.
My dear friend, your music is poetry and your art is touching and beautiful...Thank you for your friendship...
Hi BB, I like your clean, fast new website. Thanks for letting me play a solo set at Rachel's during our gig. Looking forward to more music with you at Rachel's and The Beanery. I'll bring my Mattel rubber-band bass ;>) You are one passionate singer! This is real music.
Your songs bring meaning to emptiness
Hey B.B. Saw you at Rachel's Bread with Dan Gellert and thought your music was performed with passion. Look forward to seeing you again sometime.
B.B. you're the coolest. (And so is your guitar! I want it!) Thanks for the joy of your music. Steve
To my new friend in space... Maybe someday you'll be playing the Greek in LA! I'll be there.... Keep up the great work, B.B.!
Your songs sing through the Mother Muse of Memory
Time to do laundry.
Keep doing what you love. "I drink beer for the revolution" - Dan Reeder
I also heard you on "The Backporch." Your material blew me away.
Heard you song "A Child's Grief" live on the radio. Very sad song but it needed to be played.
Heard you on WVPE live. You sounded great. Good songs, keep it up B. B.
You cooked BB!!!
Incredibly sincere music. Look forward to seeing you perform. Best regards.
B.B., our show at Lula's was very well received and your debut of "Song For Dan" was phenomenal. Hope you come back soon.
Hey BB, Enjoyed your gig at the Ravenwood. Hope you come back soon.
OK, so I go to this thing thinking I'm going to see a Punk Band and there's this guy singing folk songs. So I say, I'm gettin' my Java and splitting. So, he starts singing this song about his kid and a divorce and I decided to stay. I wish it was what my parents would have told me when they got divorced. Your awesome BB.
I agree with Carrie Smith. I'd like more info on your venues so we can make the trip to hear you. Love your CD and would truly enjoy a live concert. Keep up the great work!
Dear Mr. Wolfe, Thanks for a wonderful show at Rachel's bakery. I hope you come back there again. My husband and I thought your music was outstanding and your lyrics very thought provoking.
I caught your last set a the Beanery and was very moved by your presentation. I found your lyrics to be thought provoking and moving.
You are the coolest art teacher in edwardsburg!!! Did you know my room is right ascross the hall from yours? web site!!
The Website looks great--you might want to post links to the places where you are performing, or at least the addresses so we can come & see you! Good luck & Continued Success!! Carrie Smith
Yes - great website! Easy to read - but I can't access the photos either and I'd sure like to see your face :) Hoping to see you in Michigan this August! Cheers! mj Performing Songwriter, Seattle
Looks good BB! I couldn't access any photos, but that could be my problem. Glad to see you have some upcoming shows, knock'em dead!
Hi BB, Very cool looking website! Great job. Looking forward to playing with you next Wednesday. What an amazing bio you have - I want to hear more about your life. Your faithful bassman, Brew
Nice job B.B. Good to see you have a space on the web. Looking forward to more content and hoping to see you and all of Michiana's finest in late June when I make a pilgrimage back to South Bend. Sean
Nice website; unique (why am I surprised) and easy to access. Very cool! Hoping you lots of future success, Elliott